About Us

Royal la Perle is a high quality , innovative,  dynamic Australian cosmetic company.We are committed to providing skin care and cosmeceutical products of the highest quality.Our products are formulated to gently repair, and effectively restore a youthful appearance for the  skin of women worldwide. Each  product is the result of many years of continuous research and extensive evaluation by a team of advanced skincare specialists.

Royal la Perle  is committed to sourcing the highest quality ingredients and developing technologically  advanced, highly effective  skincare products and treatments.Our products are  formulated in Australia and are available all around the World through our world class team.    

Royal La Perle have  recently released a range of product with the brand name Lionia. The mission of Lionia  is to  continue to uphold our highest standards and satisfy the needs of all women for highly effective quality skin care.

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Royal La Perle Pty Ltd

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  • Darling Park Tower2, Level 20/201 Sussex Street, Sydney 2000 NSW